How do you call a US number on an iPhone. e.g. with dashes?

Answer The recently introduced Palm Pre may be a great option for you. It offers a big multi-touch screen, alongside with a full REAL keyboard. Palm has been an excellent Smart Phone and Pilot provider fo... Read More »

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How do I add dashes to a Social Security number in Excel?

Format Cells in an Excel WorksheetOpen an Excel 2007 workbook. Click on the letter at the top of the column where you will detail the Social Security numbers to highlight the column. Right-click an... Read More »

How do you hide my number on international call from iphone 4?

Money it depends a iphone 4 16gb would cost you £499.00 a 32 gb would cost you £599.00 both from apple store hope this helps

Can you video call with the iPhone 4S?

Yes there are one of two ways; You can use the FaceTime app for the iPhone or download the Skype app from iTunes to your handset and use that. FaceTime is free from charges on all iDevices.

How do you call a number with an extension?

lol...Usually, you dial the regular number (WITHOUT the extension) and a computer-ey sounding person either asks for the extension number or lists numbers for you to pressaww poor you :-(:D i'm bak... Read More »