How do you call New Zealand mobile from England?

Answer First things first, find the telephone number of the mobile phone you wish to call in New Zealand. It should start with 02, followed by between 7 and 9 digits, depending on the carrier. For the exa... Read More »

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How 2 block a private call/unknown call from my T-mobile cell phone?

1) confront the person.2) ignore the calls and they'll eventually get bored and stop.3) call your phone company and find out if they can reject unknown callers.

What area code do you use to call england from USA?

What is the cost of calling American mobile phones from England?

As of June 2010, the cost of calls from England to U.S. mobiles phones can vary widely, from $.02 per minute to nearly $3 per minute. Dialing directly from a payphone or land line can cost $.30 to ... Read More »

What are the first numbers we need to dial to call USA from England?

001 then the US area code00 is necesarycertain celular carriers may make you dial "2" before 001, so you would dial 2001 then the us area code