How do you calculate the costs of building a house?

Answer Check Local Construction RatesTalk to local contractors to find out what the ballpark figures are per square foot for new construction. For instance, if you're planning a 2,000-square-foot home and... Read More »

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What are the costs for building an in-ground lap pool?

Installation of a simple, in-ground concrete lap pool in a standard size can cost $20,000 or more. This doesn't include accessories or custom options, which would add to the price.Source:Lap Pools

My new neighbour is building something under his house.. it is illegal building work - what to do?

You're an architect.You see a hazard that others may be unable to recognize.Report it. - Ethically, You have no choice.

If you are building a new home what factors should you consider to keep heating and cooling costs down?

The most important is heat gain and heat loss of the house, ie/ good windows and doors, along with plenty of insulation, it is also important to size your heating and cooling unit properly, oversiz... Read More »

How to Calculate Direct Costs?

In cost accounting, the manufacturing process will have two main types of costs, direct and indirect. A direct cost is one that is directly associated with the production and manufacturing of a pro... Read More »