How do you burp baby think it over?

Answer Yes, and you must. If it seems to not settle down, it probably has "air" in it's stomach. (it thinks it does) so you carefully put the baby over your shoulder and pat it's back firmly, but not to r... Read More »

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Can you get a baby think it over wet?

no you cant they have a speaker in there chestimsittingin class at the momentwith mine hahahah

Where can you get baby think it over in your area?

You cannot get the babies just around anywhere, but if you want a cheap non working one there are many on Ebay. There are also working ones but they are very exspensive.

Where can you purchase a baby think it over doll?

Do you get to name your baby think it over doll?

Yes you do. When your teacher goes to program the baby for you, you type in your name and what you would like to name your baby. Hope it helps!!Rhianne PattisonStudica assistantReal-Care baby 2Advi... Read More »