How do you break your own water?

Answer Yes it does but the most children you have the less it hurts.

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How can you break your water at 38 weeks?

You should NEVER attempt to break your own water. If the baby does not have its head VERY FIRMLY agains your cervix the umbilical cord coud fall through your cervix and your baby will die! Only a d... Read More »

Can hard sex break your water at 3 cm?

18 months if you are already a registered nurse or 3 years direct entry.

Can your water break without you knowing it?

Yes it can. Actually mine broke with my first child, I did not know, it was like a glass of water, it was trickling all day. After about 10 hours I sat down after my college class and I thought abo... Read More »

How far along in labor do you have to be for your water to break?

there is no set period. some women have o have their water broken by a doctor and some women have there water break and have to be induced for labor to start. It depneds on the woman and the pregna... Read More »