How do you break your arm and have an answer to the doctor?

Answer PLEASE explain the question to us.

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How early can the doctor break your waters?

Could the swine flu killAny doctor answer Please?

"swine flu" kills the same* way regular influenza kills.small pox was kinda sucky to have to. and bubonic plague. not to mention malaria. those can kill you dead better than swine flu

How can i break my right arm (ten point 4 best answer)?

easy, just jump off some tall building landing with your armbtw, if anything happen to you please don't blame on mei m just giving an advice. since you ask for it

I feel like I am dying, but I can't see a doctor. PLEASE ANSWER. (10points)?

I am a new LPN so not qualified to diagnose but it sounds to me like what ever you have going on is neurological and the symptoms seem like it could be important to get treated soon. There are a gr... Read More »