How do you break your ankle easily and fast?

Answer Your stupid and for everyone else who answered that wanted to break theres is stupid also grow up and stop being a child. Seems like you all want attention from other people. Have fun screaming and... Read More »

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How to break your ankle easily and at home?

The answers above are some of the easiest ways, but I don't recommend it. Trust me, broken bones are NOT fun. :(

How to break your ankle?

Jump off a building. Wear a helmet. Good luck.

How do you break your arm easily!?

Im not saying do it but its really easy :S Mines broke now just for falling overIt doesnt even hurtit didnt hurt at the timejump as high as u can and then turn around and u get dizzy and fallBUT DO... Read More »

How did you break/sprain your ankle?

I did a cartwheel in P.E and botched the landing. I didn't know it was sprained until the day was almost over, my dad had to come and take me to the hospital. I also broke my foot triping over my... Read More »