How do you boost bluetooth signal?

Answer Use your fingers, perhaps...

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How to Boost My Wi-Fi Signal for PS3?

The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) has a built in wireless local area network (LAN) feature allowing it connect to your homes Wi-Fi connection easily. Unfortunately many things can affect the Wi-Fi perfo... Read More »

How to Boost a Router Signal?

A wireless router typically has a range of 100 feet or more. However, there are many factors that can lower this range and zap its signal strength. Interference can be caused by metal, competing si... Read More »

How do I boost an FM signal in a building?

FM signals are picked up by Fm receivers designed specifically to look for a certain set of frequencies. When an FM receiver is in a building, the antenna that picks up the signal becomes even more... Read More »

How to Boost a Signal From a Far Away Wi-Fi Connection?

Wi-Fi is a wireless radio frequency (RF) technology that is used to network computers and other devices without a wired connection. Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi offers many advantages over ... Read More »