How do you boil a toothbrush?

Answer If you are trying to clean it the water should be so hot you cant touch it snd hold the tooth brush under for 30 seconds and let it cool for 1 min

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Is it best to have the stuffing in the turkey when you boil it, or should you boil it separately?

Boil it???You mean you're not supposed to stick a rolling pin up its cavity and eat it frozen like a popsicle?

Do u own a toothbrush?

i find it much eaisier to use a hair brush

How to Use a Sonic Toothbrush?

Remember, there's nothing too difficult about using a Sonic toothbrush. It's just a normal electronic toothbrush! However, it is more effective at cleaning teeth, so it's generally a better choice ... Read More »

How to Freshen a Toothbrush?

If you had a particularly smelly meal that has left your toothbrush a bit stinky, or your toothbrush is just in need of a good clean, here is a totally simple freshening solution.