How do u block your phone number so you can call somebody without them knowing your phone number?

Answer Just be aware that if you intend to harass someone, the phone company can keep track of the dialing number. If the recipient feels harassed they can dial a code that puts an immediate trace on the ... Read More »

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How can you block someone's phone number on your home phone? have several choices here.....first try using *77 which is ACR anonymous call rejection!If that person is using *67 to call you......then they cant get thu if you use *77, but its a ... Read More »

Can you block a number from your cell phone?

no you need to go to the police file a report and send it to your network provider and they will block it then.i had to do this with my ex

Does 141 dialed prior to making a phone call block your number from your caller?

Is there anyway to block a number from your cell phone?

unfortunately, there is no system to block someone from calling one's phone. This is because the system works on the basis of a free and un-hampered exchange of ideas, no matter what happens, one ... Read More »