How do you block your number so when you call someone they cant see its you?

Answer *67

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How do I block my number when i call somebody so there caller id doesnt pick up my number?

How do i block a number where they cant call my phone?

it depends on what kind of phone you have.on my phonw i go to the communication manager and go to phone settings and theres a block list and if i put the number there it tells the person that he/sh... Read More »

Does the do not call directory block your number from telemarketers?

The do not call directory does not block your number from telemarketers. But once your number is listed in the director for 31 days telemarketers are not supposed to call your number anymore. The ... Read More »

What number(s) do I press before I call someone to do a caller ID block?

it is eather *67 or *69 i am not sure just try both and see which one works