How do you block someone on Facebook that has their account set at private?

Answer You could try going to Which is a form you can fill in, someone at Facebook will then perform the block manually for you. It may take a whil... Read More »

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Does that mean someone set their facebook private if...?

There are a few different levels of privacy on Facebook that you can set to your profile. You can just hide certain things or you can hide it all - I believe the only thing left public is your cove... Read More »

If I block someone on Facebook do their posts and likes on my wall disappear?

no, everyone else can still see them, except for you

If you block and unblock someone on facebook can they see your previous likes on their stuff?

If a celebrity had a private account on twitter, would they follow their Verified account?

I think it depends on the celebrity. Some people might and others won't. I personally think that they would want to keep their private account private and not tempt fate by following the verified.