How do you block someone from copying your picture on the net?

Answer You can't do much about it. The best things you can do are:1) Stamp your pictures with an identification of some kind, such as an email address. That way, if someone does steal them, it has an iden... Read More »

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How to Make an Original Drawing by Copying a Picture?

Everybody wants to make those fancy pencil drawings, but not all of us have the talent to do it from head. If you want to draw something and make it look good, use this technique.

How do I block my mother from calling someone from home?

You have no right to attempt this. It doesn't matter that this other person is a pain, or that the two of you don't get along. You don't get to dictate with whom your mother can speak on the teleph... Read More »

How do you block someone from facebook?

Settings > Privacy Settings > then scroll to the bottom and there is a place that says "Block People"Enter their name

Can I block someone from youtube?

not anymore. yt messed up and has many glitches. i have everything on private and you can't access my page and yet I get spam every so to do is delete your comment from that vid and don'... Read More »