I want to block all phone calls except for select contacts on a home phone line.?

Answer the best investment I've ever made! It's a callerID select who can call took me a year to make the decision to buy it, but its worth every penny....I stopped all 800-87... Read More »

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How to Block Phone Calls?

Receiving unwanted phone calls can be unnerving. It can make you feel as if the only people who call are telemarketers, stalkers or bill collectors. Knowing how to stop harassing phone calls from p... Read More »

How to Block Phone Calls on Sprint?

If you are receiving annoying, abusive or harassing calls on your Sprint phone, you can very easily block the number, restricting the caller from reaching your phone. Though Sprint as a service pro... Read More »

How do I block unwanted calls on a cell phone?

Call your service provider and alert them to your situation. Most service providers have a customer security division that will be well-equipped to assist you. Unfortunately, with cellular technolo... Read More »

How do I block incoming calls to a cell phone?

Contact your cell phone service provider and ask to speak with their security department. In most situations, it is not possible to block individual numbers from reaching a cell phone, but service ... Read More »