How do you block people from getting into your wireless internet?

Answer I called the Router company and they walked me thru it. It is the easiest way to do it. k1

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How do I block people from my wireless Internet?

Set a PasswordSet up a password for your home network. People you don't know can connect to your Internet only if you have not set up password protection. Use an Ethernet cable to connect to your w... Read More »

How to Block People From Using Your Wireless Access?

When you purchase a wireless router, you must password protect and set up wireless security to prevent other users from using your Internet connection. Allowing other users such as neighbors to con... Read More »

How to block other people using wireless to get through to my internet?

Setup WPA security (or WEP at a minimum)Don't broadcast your SSIDLimit the number of simultaneous connections to what you requireEnter the MAC addresses of your computers as the only valid entries

How to Keep People from Getting Into Your iPod Touch?

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