How do you block prank calls?

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How to Block Phone Calls?

Receiving unwanted phone calls can be unnerving. It can make you feel as if the only people who call are telemarketers, stalkers or bill collectors. Knowing how to stop harassing phone calls from p... Read More »

Block Calls on Landline?

This came from website if you haven't checked on it yet:Activate/Deactivate Call Block on AT&T Landline-Listen for dial tone.-Press *60.-You will hear the announcement ... Read More »

How to Block Private Calls on AT&T?

AT&T offers a service called "Anonymous Call Rejection" (ACR), which gives you the ability to block private phone numbers from calling you. This is a nice way to stop telemarketers and bill collect... Read More »

How to Block Private Calls Through AT&T?

Some calls made to you may show up as "Private," "Unavailable" or "Anonymous" on your caller ID. You can block private calls with a little help from the phone company. Add "anonymous call rejection... Read More »