How do I Block a individual from calling my Phone number I only need to Block one Person from calling MyPhone?

Answer you can only block by a couple of waysif that person is making threatening calls, you can use a trace by hitting *57 and then make a report and go to court over it.if that person is making annoying... Read More »

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A block of wood in the form of a cuboid 3″ × 9″ × 14″ has all its six faces painted blue. If the wooden block?

294. All of the ones touching the outside would have paint, so you just need to figure out how many DON'T. You will have one layer, since the top 1" and bottom 1" will have paint. Subtract the o... Read More »

How to block a number from calling?

*60 is call block, but you would need to call your local service provider as this is a subscription feature that you may need to have provisioned on your line, and their may be additional charges, ... Read More »

Can you block a number from calling an iPhone 4?

No. You cannot block calls from Apple iPhones. However, you can purchase and download apps that enable you to block calls.

Can you block a number from calling a Blackberry?

There are several applications available that allow Blackberry owners to block unwanted calls from certain phone numbers. Two examples of these types of applications are CallsBlocker and iBerry Bla... Read More »