How Do You Block a Number From Texting You on an Alltel Phone?

Answer Cellular phones have linked large numbers of human beings into a truly global village of telecommunication. The downside of this near constant connection is that it becomes more and more difficult ... Read More »

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How do I block a number from calling or texting me on Alltel?

There should be a block number or person option in your phone settings you might check under incoming call settings or in the options of the person that is in your phonebook that you are trying to ... Read More »

How to Block a Specific Number From Texting an Alltel Phone?

Alltel allows users to block specific telephone numbers from sending text messages to their handset.

How can i block texting on alltel?

The only way you can is to call Alltel and have the texting ability removed from your phone. If your phone has the ability to do it, there is no way to stop people from sendiing you texts.

How do I block someone from calling my Alltel phone?

Create a detailed list of any harassing calls you receive, including the phone number of the caller and the date and time of each call. The company needs to know the exact nature of the problem bef... Read More »