How do you block a contact on an i pod touch?

Answer r u looking for like text plus or an actual contact in the contact book because in the text plus u click on there namenumber and it will come up and u hit the big red button (lol) that says block u... Read More »

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How to Block a Contact on iPhone?

Blocking contacts on a mobile telephone enables users to avoid incoming calls from specific numbers. Generally speaking, this feature is not set up through the actual device but through the service... Read More »

How to Block a Contact on Hotmail?

Windows Live HotmailIf you need to block a contact in your Hotmail account, it's possible to do – just follow these simple steps.

If I block someone on skype, will they still have me as a contact?

when you block a person, they will receive no notifications or warnings about your actions. the same goes when you unblock them. however, the other user could notice significant changes when you ... Read More »

How to Block a Contact on MSN Messenger?

Instant messaging on MSN **This will NOT work in the 2011 version, as the 'delete contact' option is gone. See Read More »