How do you block a certain site from appearing on my computer?

Answer Internet Options > Security > restricted sites and add it there

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How do I block certain facebook friends from seeing certain posts?

You'll have to "customize" your privacy setting when posting to weed out folk [family members] that you don't want to see certain posts.--Custom--Share this with--Specific People or Lists {insert..... Read More »

How to block or hide someone elses posts from appearing on my wall?

Go to her profile, click on "Friend", not her friends, but there is a text next to "Message" that says "Friend". It's the same place where you add a person. Anyway click that thn this list will com... Read More »

How to Block Certain Websites From Working?

If you are concerned about keeping your computer safe from hackers and malware, or if you want to make sure family members or employees do not access certain websites, you can block specific websit... Read More »

How Can I Block Certain Telephone Numbers From Calling Me?

Depending on your network carrier and your phone features, you may be able to block certain telephone numbers from reaching your phone. Many cell phones have the option of restricting numbers inter... Read More »