How do you blackmail your siblings?

Answer It's not very sensible to blackmail your siblings (depending on the seriousness of the blackmail). Emotional blackmail can be very harsh and therefore could make you and your siblings drift apart o... Read More »

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You got a recording of your brother saying that you sucked do you tell your parents and bust him or blackmail him?

Well, i think that maybe let this one pass, because trust me that is not the worst that he could of said to you. My Brother has called me some nasty names. when he starts saying worse stuff that is... Read More »

How to Keep Siblings out of Your Room when They Are Too Old to Fall for the Tricks Used on Younger Siblings?

Do you happen to have a little sibling that will constantly enter your room and fiddle with your stuff? Do you wish to keep them out? If so, read on.

How to Deal With Blackmail?

Blackmail is a horrible thing. It makes you feel scared, threatened, and in danger. It stresses you out and your health can really go crazy. No matter how small you think blackmail is, it's a total... Read More »

Blackmail on Skype Please Help Me?

You could sue for invasion of privacy. Do you have his name and number? If you do report him to the police. They will call and threaten him. There's laws about these things, and often times if you ... Read More »