How do you best clean up a pc before selling it?

Answer All you have to do is go into add remove programes and remove the items you don't want your friend to have dont go with the first answer that is just unbelievable. Taking things off will clean it j... Read More »

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How do I clean out information before selling a laptop?

Format the hard drive. Insert the operating system CD in the CD drive and restart the computer. Choose to install Windows again by agreeing to the license agreement. Choose the current hard drive ... Read More »

How to Clean Out Information Before Selling a Laptop?

Anyone planning on selling a laptop who has concerns about privacy should clean out the information from the laptop before selling it. You can do this by restoring the computer to its factory setti... Read More »

How do I clean a Mac hard drive before selling the computer?

Boot with the OS DiscTurn on or restart your computer. Press and hold "Option" as the computer boots up until an image of your start-up disk appears. Insert the Mac OS X Install Disc. An image of t... Read More »

How Do You Clean Your Computer's Hard Drive Before Selling?

Your hard drive contains millions of files, most of them operating system files, but there are probably hundreds or even thousands of files that contain personal data that you want to remove before... Read More »