I want to become an alcoholic. Is this all right?

Answer It's your life and your liver, but if you drink your way to the cirrosis ward of the hospital don't ask for my taxes to pay for what you did to yourself.

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How long do you have to drink before you become an alcoholic?

AlcoholismModern Day SystemAlcoholism is described as a chronic, incurable disease. The person is not responsible for his uncontrolled drinking, nor is he responsible for his behavior. The lies t... Read More »

How often would u drink in order to become an alcoholic?

1 drink 3 times a day!? LOL NOOOOOAlcoholics drink WAY WAY WAY MORE THAN THAT!!They have such a tollerance that it takes probably at least 5-6 to even get a buzz. I have a friend who is an alcoholi... Read More »

I have always wanted to become an alcoholic I just do not know were to begin?

How can anyone become an Alcoholic when they always have to suffer threw such painful sickening hangovers?

Some good answers to your question, especially 'musicimproved me' and 'niki h', I'm also a recovering alcoholic in my 4th year of recovery thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous.I've heard so many differen... Read More »