How do you become a vegetarian with out people getting upset?

Answer You don't. Eating meat (just like your vegetables) is good for you. In moderation we need meat because of the protein, there are other roots to protein but eating meat is just a fact of life, that ... Read More »

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Why are some people so upset with others getting tattoos?

For the last time--I do not have a tat on my chest and your sneaky ways of trying to get me to confess or show proof is NOT working. Bonehead........

Would more people become vegetarian if they interacted with the animals they were eating?

It's a good question. I actually went vegetarian when working on a farm because I saw the suffering firsthand. But that is because I experience deep empathy for any kind of suffering. Most people d... Read More »

Worried about getting enough nutrition if I become a vegetarian?

If you are eating a wide variety of wholesome, natural foods (fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts, legumes...) and getting enough calories, you shouldn't worry about getting enough nutrition/protein! Eatin... Read More »

Why Is It When People Become Vegetarian/Vegan...?

I'll borrow a line from Dr. John McDougall "people like to hear good news about their bad habits".Since most people aren't vegetarian it seems like being a vegetarian must be "the thing that makes ... Read More »