How to Become a Fast Rapper?

Answer We all know rap is one of the most popular genres today. At least 45%-50% of the world wants to be fast. Therefore, if want to become faster, read on and try what the article says. Good Luck.

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How to Become a Rapper at 13 Years Old?

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How to Become a Professional Rapper?

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How to Become a Female Rapper?

Do you want to be a female rapper? Spit rhymes like Lil Kim, Brianna, Iggy Azalea or Nicki Minaj? This article shows you step by step how to be an amazing female rapper!

How do I become a more efficient rapper?

learn about different subjects: history, pop culture, politics etc. so you can add an intellectual element to your rap.This may also improve your word arsenal. Being intelligent and/or educated goe... Read More »