How do you become a guardian of a person under 21 in New York state?

Answer Answer A person at 21 is an adult and doesn't need a guardian.

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Can you leave another state without a guardian's consent if they don't have custody of you and the person you are going to see does have custody of you?

Answer No.A legal guardian is appointed by the court to oversee the welfare of a minor until said minor reaches the legal age of majority or the court rescinds the guardian order or the guardian a... Read More »

How to Become a Legal Guardian for an Elderly Person?

A legal guardian for an elderly person is an adult who has been appointed by a court to manage the affairs of an individual who has been deemed incompetent. Each state has specific laws that gover... Read More »

How is a person appointed a legal guardian of a child?

If you do not include your minor children in the will, the court may hold the will invalid and allow the intestate laws to be applied. You don't have to have a will, or put anyone in it.

Is a child under the age of 18 allowed to travel out of state without a guardian?