How to Move to Australia If You Are a U.S. Citizen?

Answer Australia's sunny beaches, laid-back attitude and job opportunities have inspired many Americans to pack their belongings and move. However, a successful migration to Australia requires movers to o... Read More »

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Does a U.S. citizen need a visa to visit Australia for two weeks?

Yes. When traveling from the United States to Australia for two weeks, tourists must have a valid passport and a travel visa. Keep in mind that applying for these documents takes a few weeks, and ... Read More »

Does an American citizen require a visa for Australia?

An American citizen does not need a visa to travel to Australia for visits up to three months. You must, however, register with the Electronic Travel Authority prior to traveling to Australia.Sourc... Read More »

Can a US citizen temporarily resident in Australia get travel insurance to cover a trip to the US If so with whom?

Yes you can in most cases, you can look for Visiotrs Insurance and look for g1g on that site you can buy travel insurance in minutes. usually you can buy the insurance right up until the departure,... Read More »

What guarantees are in affect to protect a us citizen baby being taken out of U.S by non citizen mother with out consent of father?

A COG (Convenience of the Government) Discharge is the government's way of backing out of its commitment to an enlisted person without doing harm to that person's future. They are most often used t... Read More »