Can I become a dual citizen while I become a naturalized US citizen?

Answer The U.S. government doesn't specifically prohibit dual citizenship, nor does it legally recognize dual citizenship. Consequently, a person undergoing naturalization in the United States must only r... Read More »

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Can a U.S. citizen become an E.U. citizen and have dual citizenship?

Although it is discouraged, a U.S. citizen can obtain dual citizenship with most European countries. A U.S. citizen can lose his citizenship if he does not follow U.S. laws, voluntarily renounces h... Read More »

Can a US Citizen Become a Philippines Citizen Also?

As a U.S. citizen, you are eligible for citizenship in the Philippines, provided you meet the criteria. Philippine citizenship will not affect your status as a U.S. citizen, unless you choose to te... Read More »

How can an American citizen become a citizen of Switzerland?

There are two ways to become a citizen of Willy Tell's own country: either through regular naturalization or through facilitated naturalization- Regular naturalizationPeople who have been resident ... Read More »

How to Move to Australia If You Are a U.S. Citizen?

Australia's sunny beaches, laid-back attitude and job opportunities have inspired many Americans to pack their belongings and move. However, a successful migration to Australia requires movers to o... Read More »