How do you become a auto insurance broker in Florida?

Answer No you can not unless that relative has a disability and that the rental unit is specialized for that tenant's disability.

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How to Become an Insurance Broker in Florida?

The state of Florida requires all of its insurance agents to obtain a broker's license before they can buy and sell insurance on behalf of an insured or an insurance company. If you have an interes... Read More »

If you live in the UK but own a vacation home in Florida how can you get auto insurance for the vehicle you own in Florida?

AnswerAsk an insurance agent. Most insurance agents are happy to sell insurance and answer questions.Most insurance policies are available with layaways; that is a time when the insurance policy is... Read More »

Do you need auto insurance in Florida?

Automobile insurance is required for any vehicle with four or more wheels that has a Florida registration and license plate. Florida's minimum personal injury protection, or no fault, insurance is ... Read More »

How does the state of Florida know if you have auto insurance or not?

Auto Insurance in FloridaYou are required by law to have it and carry proof of such while driving in Florida. Failure to do so could result in citations, fines and court appearances.The DMV and eve... Read More »