How do you beat a Troll in their own game?

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How to Beat the "Troll Stronghold Quest"?

The "RuneScape" quest Troll Stronghold is an important member quest for players who participate in player-versus-player combat. The quest is a requirement to begin the highly anticipated Desert Tre... Read More »

How to Beat the Troll King in Fremennik Isles?

Some level 70's or so try to beat The Troll King in Fremennik Isles with melee but that usually doesn't work. This guide will help any level 70 beat him...

IPhone game troll bridge?

No......carry on writing from that dont delete any body elses, just type your own underneath each overs

How do you beat the scaredy pants game show on game show island?

Do all the things it says to do. (Example: when it says "seperate the tarantulas, snakes, and mice", put each one in it's correctly labled bin.)