How do you be anyoying to your twelve year old sister?

Answer You really shouldn't. But to answer your question you could say nice things, and compliment her if you like what she is wearing. you could also help her do her hair or something like that.

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Can a twelve year old child be left alone with his eight year old brother in South Carolina legally?

actually no, the legal age you have to be in South Carolina to stay home alone is 18.

Should a twelve year old keep her baby?

I just took a twelve year old Tylenol?

No concerns, it probably won't do much for you.

Errm... Could a twelve year old boy...?

Those are sure signs of Type 1 Diabetes and I wouldn't take any chances. It doesn't take much to get a Diabetic into ketoacidosis. Trust me, it really sucks to look at your child in the hospital ... Read More »