How do you back up nexus s phones?

Answer All i could figure out was that we can move the rk from the question to reveal Spoon but dont know anything after that if you move the "rk" at the end of spork, tap the word "spoon" and then touch ... Read More »

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Does the Nexus 7 tablet have a built in 'Memo' default app like the android phones do?

No, not as i know of,Alternatively, you can download a notepad typed memo pad from google play

What the different between nexus s and the nexus s 4G?

Nexus s 4G is CDMA phone and Nexus S is GSM Phone. This is the basic different between this two phones & most of the remaining configurations are

Hoe to make switch my phones languae back to english?

look up on u tube "how to change language on your phone and do the steps and watch on the vid where it says english on the phone, then pause it and you konw what to do next...

Is it legal for school to take away cell phones and charge to get it back?

the school cannot charge money to get your phone back, I'm pretty sure that's illegal