How do you back up iPhone application?

Answer The iPhone is more expensive and not as goodAlso you need to have AT&T

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How do you get back deleted application in iphone not sync it before?

Click on App store and buy again. Otherwise, no other ways, i suggest backing up your files if you do not wish to loos them.

I tried to JailBreak my Iphone 4 and now after it didn't work i decided to restore my phone ITunes is telling me my back up from my Iphone is corrupt or not compatible with my Iphone any advice?

It is now called the 4S, and yes, the 4 is now $99 for the 8gb model.

Can I start my Federal Student Aid application and go back to later the next day?

Yes...once you start it will give an option on the bottom to save whenever you want. Then later you just login with your info..bday, social ect. and it takes you back to the last page you saved.

How to Use the wikiHow iPhone Application?

Read thousands of articles on the wikiHow iPhone appThe two wikiHow iPhone applications are the best way to read wikiHow on your iPhone or iPod touch. The apps enable you to read wikiHow's popular ... Read More »