How do you babysit 3 to 7 year old half sisters?

Answer Dont worry, if you leave a good impression as a hilarious, fun person its all it takes to get them to enjoy you. If you joke around with them a lot, and take them places, they will respect you. And... Read More »

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How old a daughter have to be to babysit her younger sisters?

Can a 13 year old babysit a three year old and one year old in Alabama?

A teen may be okay but it will be better with only one child to take care of. But if the one year old mostly sleeps it could be okay to take care of both.

How are half brothers and sisters related?

A half brother or sister is from the same mother/father and have a different mother/father.

It is legal for a 13 year old to babysit an 8 year old in Kentucky?

You have to be at least 4-foot 9" to ride in the front seat of car. (in missouri.)