How do you avoid getting shoot by a speed camera?

Answer Don't speed!

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What i sthe differnece between a point and shoot camera and digital camera, which is best for quality and?

Hello,There are acutually a few different types of cameras. A point and shoot is the easiest way to take pictures. It is a camera that literally does all the guess work for you. Most have differ... Read More »

How to Shoot Low Shutter Speed Photos Without a Tripod?

One of the frustrating things you can encounter on a photo shoot is being in a low-light situation and not having a tripod to stabilize your camera. Don't panic! There are a couple of things you ca... Read More »

On a 40mph road, whats the maximum speed before getting caught in the speed camera in UK.?

its down to each local police authority to set their margin of error, this allows for the fact not all speedometers are accurate. Most will set it at around 44mph...the general rule of thumb is 10%... Read More »

How to Shoot a Raw Camera?

Some digital cameras allow you to shoot in what's known as "Raw" mode. A "Raw" photograph is one that contains only the unprocessed, raw information that was recorded when the shot was taken. So it... Read More »