How do you avoid being drafted into the miltary?

Answer By joining the military after high school.Or, if you're an American citizen, you arrange to be born in 1954 or later. People born in those years are able to avoid the draft simply due to the fact t... Read More »

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Guard miltary retirement pay at 55?

AFI 31-101 or the bases's own 31-101 supplements.

What is it called when people are made to enlist in the miltary?

Mandatory or forced enlistment in the military is called conscription or the draft.

What provides procedures for responding to crisis spanning the full range of miltary operations?

Can you be drafted if you have adhd?

(in the US) While young persons must REGISTER for the draft when they turn 18, currently there is no active military draft going on. The question is irrelevant.