How do you avoid app flicker when opening after syncing on iPhone?

Answer you can find them in and their is also used ones.

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When syncing your iPhone it stays in syncing mail accounts and does not finish the other steps?

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What all is deleted after syncing iphone with new itunes?

Not sure what you mean. If this iTunes is just a newer version of one that was already there, nothing will happen.

Can old iPhone number be transferred to new iPhone when syncing?

Yes, the number is stored on the SIM card. When you move over your old sim card to your new iPhone, you'll have your old number on your new phone.

My iphone keeps telling me that my password is wrong, even after resetting it and syncing up. I cannot send em?

Plug into your computer and reset it that way. Either that or go to your local Apple store or call Apple themselves and they will be more than happy to help you.