How do you attach two moniters to your computer?

Answer You need two computers, there's only one monitor port on each. Even if you could attach two monitors, they would display the same screen because they are showing you what is happening on the same ... Read More »

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How long do LCD computer moniters last?

Sometimes just 5-6 years but often longer. It highly depends on the brand and the quality of the product.

Is there any way of plugging 2 moniters onto one computer?

you can buy a graphics card with more than one video output, that would be the easiest way.

What exact moniters could i use on my Alein ware x51 desktop computer?

Your video card will send any resolution your driver sets the output for. You should know what native resolution you are getting when you buy the monitor. Then you can adjust the output to match.... Read More »

How to Attach a Camera to a Computer?

Digital cameras are usually attached to a computer by a USB connection. When you connect a digital camera to a computer, the camera will either trigger photo software that is installed, or the came... Read More »