How do you ask your orthodontist when your getting your braces off?

Answer Sounds like he is intimidating you for some reason or since that is a fairly predictable question for an orthodontist to hear perhaps you are just intimidated by everything. If he is trying to do ... Read More »

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I am getting braces in august is it true that when the orthodontist tightens them it can cause u to pass out?

I had braces at the same age for three years, and that is false. While it is uncomfortable and makes your teeth feel like they are "cracking", you won't pass out. Braces are a pain, and it's rough ... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if your stomach has been getting big and when you suck in your stomach it feels and looks like someone is crushing your ribs?

Answeryes because if your stomach is looking like something is there that is in baby form and is where the baby should be than I would go and take a pregnancy test and I am a doctor so I would list... Read More »

When you get your braces off do they clean your teeth?

They scrap the glue part off, that's it. You will have to pay to get them whitened; also your general dentist will have to clean your know, every six months.

How do you know when your ready to get your braces off?