How do you apply for help paying your rent?

Answer Answer Well, you can get a roommate or two instead of going on the state rolls, which by the way takes a long time. There are people ahead of you on a program called section 8 in the thousands, an... Read More »

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Need help paying rent?

start looking for a room mate and you pay half and they pay half it should work

Where can I go for help paying my rent?

In general terms, the employment office in your community is a starting point. In more specific terms, visiting local businesses that are easy for you to get to, and asking about employment may be... Read More »

Where can you get help paying rent in Austin TX?

Unless you wish to may for replacement of the trailer out of your pocket in case of an accident then yes. Talk to the rental company and purchase the collision damage waiver coverage that they prov... Read More »

What would you prefer to buy a home or keep paying rent?

Is this a question of preference? If so, I take the middle path. Save up loads of money by not paying my rent for years, then use it to buy the house.((((Rae))))This debt-reducing answer is sponsor... Read More »