How do you answer a motion to dismiss on a child custody case?

Answer This would be different in almost every state. Basically, if the well-being of your children is important, you really should get a lawyer to review the motion and file a response to it. In many ar... Read More »

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Ex is winning custody but how he lies and gets away with it he only came into my 4 yr olds life last year when child support caught up to him and he has custody for now but reopen case how do i win?

Answer first ask your self why you dont have your kids what did you do wrong get your self stable, show that he is un fit prove it make every thing work in your favor dont put him down in front of ... Read More »

What Is a Declaration in a Motion to Dismiss?

A motion to dismiss is a formal request to have a legal complaint removed from the court system. The declaration section in a motion to dismiss request is a supporting statement that argues in favo... Read More »

How to Write a Motion to Dismiss in Michigan?

In Michigan, a motion to dismiss is a letter written to a judge hearing a case asking for the case to be thrown out. The motion outlines a specific reason or reasons the case should be dismissed. T... Read More »

Do you need a lawyer in a case of child custody?

Answer It is always preferable to get legal advise when dealing with any court issues. Most attorneys offer free consultation or charge a minimal fee. If the situation is a amicable one, it's possi... Read More »