How do you answer a congratulations card?

Answer Send a nice card and just write at the bottom: Dear _______ Thank you for the congratulations as it means a lot coming from you.

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How do you make a congratulations card for a newborn baby?

Answer You can purchase card kits at your local craft store, such as the Dollar Store or Hobby Lobby. Joann Fabrics & Crafts has them as well. If you can't find a card kit, you can purchase a sc... Read More »

Homemade ""Congratulations It's a Boy"" Card Ideas?

Pull out your crafting supplies and make a "Congratulations" card for someone who just had a baby boy. Give it to the person at a baby shower or even after the newborn has arrived. Use the color bl... Read More »

What should you say in a congratulations card for a new born baby?

Congratulate them on having a baby girl or boy and state the name, its more personal and throw in a well wish like...Congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl, Catherine. The joys you are ... Read More »

What do you say in a Congratulations card for a baby with Down syndrome?

When you are writing a card to the parents of a new baby, you are congratulating them on being new parents, having created a new person, a new life. A baby with Down syndrome is all of the above, s... Read More »