How do you and how far apart do I plant dill seeds in an indoor window box?

Answer two inches apart

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How to plant dill seeds indoors in a window box to be transplanted outside?

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How many seeds should I plant for each dill plant?

The number of seeds needed varies, as dill seed germination depends on several factors. Plant dill seeds by broadcasting over a garden bed then lightly rake the seeds into the soil. Alternatively, ... Read More »

How far apart do you plant seeds?

The spacing of plant seeds depends on the type of plant being grown. Some seeds should be planted a few inches apart, while others require a foot or more of spacing. The planting directions for eac... Read More »

How far apart do I plant tomato seeds?

When sowing tomato seeds in flats for transplant outdoors, space them about 2 inches apart. When sowing directly in the soil space them 9 to 12 inches apart. Use two or three seeds per hole to guar... Read More »