How do you adopt your spouse children in South Africa?

Answer Get a lawyer. You have a couple of ways to assert your parental rights.

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Are same-sex married couples permitted to adopt children in South Africa?

Yes, joint adoption by a same-sex couple has been legal in South Africa since 2002. In 2006, same-sex marriage was legalized and since then all marriages are treated the same, including for purpose... Read More »

Is it possible to legally adopt some over 40 in South Africa?

This question can be accurately answered if you call a 1-800 number for immigration and talk to an operator who will use immigration laws to answer the question. I have limited knowledge, but I wou... Read More »

Are there families willing to adopt 18 year old girls in South Africa?

There might be, but you will have to go to South Africaand ask anyone if they would like to adopt!

My 8 yr old is asking my spouse to adopt him.We don't know where the biological father is nor has he paid child support. Can my spouse still adopt him?

im 13 and i think that's gross. but anyways, just simply give em a talk sayin don't do that. make sure u say u love them at the end. its optional about grounding them though. I would if i was in ur... Read More »