How do you adopt another baby on babydow?

Answer You can not adopt one, but in your "Garden", you can plant one. And once the "Rose"(girl) or "Cabbage"(boy) is grown you can pick it. I hope I helped!

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How do you create another baby for babydow?

To get another baby on Babydow you have to have "seeds". I think your account comes with a few... but anyway, on the top of your page put your mouse over "Home" Then go down until you find "My Gard... Read More »

How do you make another baby on babydow?

I think you always get one free magic seed, after you have a account for you to plant in your garden, but if not go to the botique and then go to the section with says, magic ( or something like th... Read More »

What to go to on babydow to plant seeds for twins on babydow?

Here is what you do, go to your garden, where it says how much fertilizer you have, it should say how many mandrake elrixs, ME, the twin thing.

Can you put your baby up for adoption on babydow?

honey you can't just delete or restart your babydow game.