How do you admit evidence in a show cause hearing against pursuant?

Answer she went totally crazy

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Can a phone recording be used as evidence in a Nevada criminal hearing?

Chapter 200, Sections 200.620 through 200.650 of the Nevada Revised Statutes prohibits illegal wiretapping of telephone conversations on grounds that it would constitute an illegal search and seizu... Read More »

What evidence would the father need to present in a custody hearing to prove that the children were being neglected by their mother?

AnswerBe sure that his ex wife is indeed neglectful of the children because otherwise it's a rotten thing to do. Sometimes ex's are bitter towards each other and will fight over who gets custody of... Read More »

How to Take an EMF Reading to Show Evidence of Ghosts?

EMF detectors measure electromagnetic waves, something that ghost are made of. Changes in readings can mean that a ghost or spirit is present.

Did chris tucker admit he is related to the gault family on the Oprah Winfrey show?