How do you adjust the earpiece volume on iPhone 3gs?

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How do you adjust the ear volume on the iPhone?

No it will not. But the redisgned Verizon version should be out in a couple of weeks. I get one speck candy shell fit my Verizon iPhone 4 last week ,maybe you go to Read More »

How do adjust volume when making a call on iPhone 4?

What is the black line above the earpiece on the white iPhone 4?

Proximity sensor. Turns off the screen when the phone is pressed agains your head so that you don't ear dial. Most phones have them

How should I adjust set top box volume with that of LED TV volume?

The volume control of the set-top box should be adjusted so that you can most easily use the TV's volume control -- which is to say that when you use the TV's control, it should be very easy to se... Read More »