How do you address a petty officer?

Answer The Navy (and Coast Guard) are different from other services. We have a Rate (similar to Rank in other branches) and a Rating (similar to MOS).Your Rate is your pay-grade, E-1 is a Seaman Recruit, ... Read More »

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Who is the highest ranking officer out of a petty officer second class and a master chief petty officer?

The Master Chief is senior to a PO2, or to any other "enlisted" rating. In theory, all petty officers - even Master Chiefs - are junior to commissioned officers. In practice, a Master Chief is sen... Read More »

How do you address a letter to a petty officer?

It depends on the rank (Chief and above, or First-Third Class). If it's a personal letter going to someone on a ship/submarine/shore station, you'd address it using the Petty Officer's Rate/Rank/W... Read More »

How do you address an envelope for a chief petty officer?

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How do you address a Navy Chief Petty Officer?

It depends on the situation (formal or informal meeting) but generally you address a CPO as "Chief" along with their last name. For example, "Chief Jones", "Senior Chief Youngren", "Master Chief Co... Read More »