How do you add your spouse to the deed for your condominium?

Answer AnswerA simple procedure by use of a quitclaim deed, it is not necessary to use a title company or have a title search done of the property as it is a change of title not a sale of the property.Qui... Read More »

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Can a spouse serve on the board of directors of a condominium if his name is not on the deed?

You need to review the Master Deed to determine if the Board of Directors must be comprised of property owners.

How to Add a Spouse to a Deed?

A deed or title is a legal document that describes a property and names the owner of that property. To add a spouse to a deed, you will need to complete new deed documentation and provide a stateme... Read More »

How do you file a quitclaim deed for a condominium?

You hire your attorney, and take the appropriate documentation, for example, confirming your ownership, and request that the attorney help you file a quit claim deed with the appropriate department... Read More »

How do I transfer a title deed to a spouse?

Prepare Claim DeedNotify your attorney that you want to file a quit claim deed. A quit claim deed allows you to transfer the property title to your spouse. You must sign the deed, though your spous... Read More »