How do you add your spouse to the deed for your condominium?

Answer AnswerA simple procedure by use of a quitclaim deed, it is not necessary to use a title company or have a title search done of the property as it is a change of title not a sale of the property.Qui... Read More »

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Can a spouse serve on the board of directors of a condominium if his name is not on the deed?

You need to review the Master Deed to determine if the Board of Directors must be comprised of property owners.

How to Remove Your Spouse From the Home Deed of Trust?

Removing a spouse's name from a deed might be done for several reasons, but one of the most common is for divorce. Before you begin removing your spouse's name from the deed, make sure to check wit... Read More »

How can you force your condo association to abide by the Master Deed and provide all of the parking stated in the deed?

You can write a letter to your board citing the section of the Master Deed that references parking. In the letter, ask for time on the agenda at the next board meeting and request an open discussio... Read More »

Can your ex-spouse use your son's photo for commercial purposes without your consent if you have joint custody?

Answer Here's information on copy rite law Releases