How do you add your child's father to their birth certificate?

Answer Answer Apply to "Vital Statistics" in your State (under births/deaths) and you may be able to get the forms online. Go to: then type in "Forms for Birth Registration in the S... Read More »

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Can a stepparent be listed on a birth certificate if the father section is blank and the stepfather is not his biological father?

Can a 16 yr old girl give up her baby for adoption without the father's concent if the father has not odtained paternity and is not on the birth certificate?

If the father did not sign the birth certificate and the mother gets married does she have to get concent from the father for her husband to adopt the child?

Can you take the father's name off the birth certificate if the is not the father but is paying child support?

No, you cannot remove his name from the birth certificate without going to court to prove he is not the father. Legally, he is the father and will be responsible for paying child support until the ... Read More »