How do you add your child's father to their birth certificate?

Answer Answer Apply to "Vital Statistics" in your State (under births/deaths) and you may be able to get the forms online. Go to: then type in "Forms for Birth Registration in the S... Read More »

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Can the birth father later reverse the adoption of your son if he is not on the birth certificate?

How do you find out who your biological father is when your mother won't tell you and his name is not on your birth certificate?

Answer Well, this is going to take some detective work. First thing is to ask questions of those in the know how. Who was your mother close to at the time of your birth. What places did she go to ... Read More »

What happens if your on the birth certificate but you really are not the father?

Then you are still legally the father just as if you were genetically the father.

How can you adopt your nephew since of your deceased sister and the father is not on the birth certificate?

i shd think so!I don't know your situation, but maybe the 18year old mother should speak to the father, if she hasn't already.Again, i don't know what you've done about it, but maybe, if its your d... Read More »