How do you add toner to canon S35 cartrige?

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Will an HP ink cartrige still be good if the exparation date is 2004 and 2006 The cartrige is not open.?

No, the ink tends to dry out eventually and if their is an expiration date on it, their is areason.You own thecartridge so, openthem up and try them. They might still be good. If not, buy newones.

How do you fool a toner sensor on canon copier toner 104?

Why would you want to fool it. The sensor has a mechanical purpose in the copier, it tells you when you need to replace the toner.

Is canon toner cartridge 315 and canon toner cartridge fx9 the same?

If you mean fully functioning, canon, as in gun... my dad had the smallest about 3 years ago. The entire canon sat on a quarter (with room to spare!) and used black powder.

How do you change the toner on a Canon PC 920?